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My name is Nancylita Waye or just Nancy as it is easier to remember, I am an intuitive, spiritual, Remedial Therapist.

My main goal is to assist anyone who seek positive change in their lives,  for those who have experienced ailments or physical discomfort be it through injury or mishap.

I have been a Remedial Therapist for more than ten years obtaining Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Cranio-sacral Therapy and (Forensic Healing) an energy healing modality that helps us find out the causes of some mystery illness or blockages that’s preventing your body from healing it self, or releasing your negative life pattern that could be preventing you to live the life of your dreams.

In addition, obtained the certification of Reiki Master, which in able me to performed distant healing, that then expand my practice which I believe is my passion and life purpose.

I consider myself a dedicated practitioner and in doing so, I am proud to say by way of testimony to contribute to my clients, maintained of a healthy lifestyle and further, to manage each individuals stress levels that our everyday lives incur that could be held responsible as major contributors to many of today’s health problems.

My passion is to give help to those who may suffer from energy blockages that possibly have prevented them from enjoying all aspects that life can provide. There are many reasons or causations of energy blockages that are experienced in our life styles in the modern society, for example financial burdens can draw one’s energy, whereby budgets have to be met and scheduled, workloads have to be progressed in order to meet finance obligations. These are constant pressures in management where work totally override the life style that is hope to attain, can help also release anger, resentment, childhood traumas and love life stress.

Additionally low self esteem could be considered a contributor whereby one start to question their appearance, personality, or self worth in comparison to others. Also on the agenda for causation is the much discussed and sometime feared by many women approaching that middle aged bracket or having reached the change of life scenario with its ups and downs etc.

My practice is to reinforce that this is just the natural

process of ageing, not to be feared instead to be enjoyed and celebrated. These are just some of the reasons that the individual may incur energy blockages as well. It is my ambition to give each client the opportunity to be relieved of any symptoms that may interfere with the progression and experience of a balanced healthy life,

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Please have a look at my testimonial page, this might give you a better insight into the kinds of problems I can help you with!

Contact me by ‘phone: (  0408 600 662 or 08 82691312)
or eMail me at:

ABN: 56382343810


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My Clinic is at  374 Regency Rd.  Prospect, South Australia, treatments are available on Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

“Emergencies can still be treated on other days depending on practitioners availability”

Illustrations of  energy channels chakras or meridian in our physical body that when it is blocked, causes physical discomforts that  led to serious illness.

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Due to prior bookings, it’s important that you please call in advance to save disappointment, and please be on time for your appointment, as it will shorten the time that I can devote to you for your treatment, due to the next booking.