After  the surgery of my tongue and throat cancer, I came to see Nancy if she could help to recuperate my body back to be normal and be healthy again, the treatment that I have received from Nancy has improved my body functions, specially my salivary glands that was damaged, my doctor was very pleased with the results of how I recovered to almost back to normal. Continuing to have a treatment from Nancy, I have noticed my negative energy being shift cleared and improved my whole being.  (Dennis C. Adelaide)

I initially sought Nancy’s assistance, after suffering an anxiety attack in 2011. 

I have continued to visit and receive therapy, regularly since.

Nancy’s friendly ongoing therapy, to address various minor ailments, has made a significant difference to my lifestyle.

Therefore it is without hesitation that i would recommend Nancy’s support and therapy.

(John H. Adelaide)

I originally went to see Nancy for Reflexology and general health maintenance. It was evident upon my first consult and treatment that she is a very spiritual person and not only wants to help you physically but also with emotional and mental barriers. She was instantly in tune with my energy and my sessions always resulted in coming away refreshed, energised, calm and emotionally balanced.

Being a beauty Therapist and dealing with many types of people, my monthly treatments with Nancy have an enormous benefit to me on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I deal with stress and challenges in a much more loving and positive way and this flows through to my family, friends and anyone I have contact with.

I highly recommend Nancy for anyone who is stuck in physical and/or emotional pain as she is a gifted spiritual healer and will assist you in living your life to its full potential.      ( Samantha Parkin. Burton S.A.)


I originally went to see Nancy just for a foot reflexology treatment for general health. I mentioned to Nancy that I was getting nosebleeds ALL the time. She immediately took that on and worked at a treatment for it. She performed this treatment and taught me how to do it. I must admit at being sceptical at first, but I had nothing to lose!

As I got a nosebleed I did what Nancy showed me – and it made the bleeding stop much faster than it ordinarily would. I continued doing the technique daily for a week or two and the nosebleeds stopped happening altogether! It is so easy, unobtrusive and painless, too!

Sometimes I get complacent and forget to perform the technique and my nose will bleed again but I know what I need to do and it’s over in a flash! (not to come back again until the next time I forget to do it!)

If you’ve ever had regular nosebleeds, you know how debilitating it is. Everything has to stop while you deal with it. Everyone is concerned and makes a fuss – telling you what to do – my doctor thought that cauterisation was the only answer! It makes such a difference to be on top of it – I can’t thank Nancy enough!! I think she is MAGIC, really!!

I had my neck treated by Nancy Waye. I could not move my neck much. It was stiff and sore: To my amazement, I feel 95% better now and the best part, no pain when she did her treatment!

 I will be one of her regular customers!

Dora P. Adelaide

I went to see Nancy as a referral from my mother because she could see something wasn’t quite right. (I felt nauseous a lot of the time) Over time we went to multiple doctors but all the results came back negative. Eventually I gave up and just told my mum I was okay. But luckily mum brought me to Nancy. At first I was nervous and feeling quite nauseous, then Nancy talked me through what she does and her knowledge and experience.Just the way she explained things and the atmosphere of the room actually calmed me somewhat.We got started on the reflexology and relaxation techniques. Surprisingly my nausea began to fade and I had the energy of a five year old.Actually feeling the negativeness and sickness leave my body felt amazing. I felt so refreshed and new.

Nancy has done an absolutely marvellous job. I really look forward to future sessions. I love feeling so young again

I went to see Nancy as I felt my back beginning to tighten up (I do a lot of manual handling at work) and I was losing my flexibility (essential in safe manual handling). I was also feeling ‘down’ and ‘negative’ generally.Nancy gave me a long session, massaging my spine and muscles to un-knot some points. Then she did a reflexology therapy on my feet. I felt pretty good straight afterwards while Nancy gave me some advice on simple meditations and natural foods to stimulate health and wellbeing.

Two weeks later I can say my back has been fine and I have regained my natural flexibility and sense of joy and wellbeing.

My testimony started out when I woke up one morning with a very bad headache. I don’t really know what caused it, but I tried all the natural remedies for a headache, like food, water, and rest, but it didn’t work. I even tried having painkillers in the morning, but the effects were just temporary and after the effects of the medicine wears off, it work out that the headache just comes back, so I had to wait a few more hours to take another one, so that basically was happening the whole day. But, on that night, I visited Nancy and I told her what was going on and she just applied pressure on my left leg and half of my head cleared up and the pain was gone! and then when she applied pressure to the other leg, it gave me a very quick relief but there was still a sort of like slight pain but it wore off after a few minutes and I was functioning well that night. Basically, she told me that it was just simple acupressure, and...  I don’t really understand what the principle is, but it was great and I would actually recommend Nancy to all my friends, whatever they have, to go and see Nancy and I’m sure she could help them out.

For many years I have had continuous pain and muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, which causes me to also suffer with back pain and discomfort.

I have tried varying different treatments with varying different results for my problems. Recently I have been consulting Nancylita Waye, who I feel is finally giving me some relief and I am able to cope with the pain and discomfort better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone suffering similar problems

Think that Nancy Waye is a very spiritual gifted person with her powerful hands and that her and Reflexology can help a lot of people that are or were in my situation or anybody, to be more correct about that.  It is because she has helped me so much and others out in ways I couldn't imagine.I truly believe without Nancy I would be in dire health straits.  Thanks so much Nancy for all you've done for me.    (Dimos K. Perth)

Alicia H.



Blair Athol

Kylie G.


Faye S,


Vessy T.

Parafield Gardens

For more than 6 months prior to my first treatment I was suffering from Bursitis of the right hip, which was always painful and which made it particularly difficult for me to sleep...the throbbing pain was constant and on a scale from 1-10, was a 9.

Immediately after Nancy’s treatment, the pain was reduced to at least half of what it was before, straight away! In the days and nights following I felt even better (omg, I even slept and could at last enjoy my bed again!) and now the pain has almost gone completely, at worst reduced to a 2! I am back doing the Gym and can now walk without discomfort, and all just after one treatment!

I am over the moon with the results, Nancy has nothing less than magic healing hands! I am really impressed with her professionalism, courteousness and trustworthiness.

I have already recommended her to many friends and family. I have signed up for a regular ‘service’ and have joined her meditation class after my first visit.

I was suffering for some time with aches in my lower back – for about three years, actually, generally first thing in the morning and during the day while sitting or standing for long periods. It was very painful and was a constant distraction from what I needed to do during the day (i.e. work!).
One evening I decided to have a treatment with Nancy and instantly felt better! I don’t know what it was, but as soon as I stood up from the massage table I felt different. My body and bones felt very relaxed. From that point on, every morning I wake up without any pain whatsoever. Nancy’s treatment has completely changed me and I have since then not suffered any pain or discomfort, I can also stand and sit for long periods without experiencing any pain.
I am so absolutely happy with the outcome, I have tried many things in the past to overcome my back pain and discomfort, but up until now, nothing has worked! I am so 100% happy with her treatment and methods, Nancy clearly knows exactly what she is doing and how she was going to do it! Nancy is very professional and explained everything to me in terms I could understand without leaving me confused.
After the treatment, I had to recommend her to all my friends and family!

Keryn W. Adelaide

James T.

Mawson Lakes

Helen H.


My personal experience with Aromatherapy massage has been wonderful. I was amazed at how fast it actually brought relief to a horrible ache in my neck that I had been experiencing for many years. 

 I am a very active athletic woman in my 40’s with 5 boys. After years of really pushing myself to the limit,  and many visits to various medical teams trying to find relief I came across Nancy.  After leaving the clinic that first day I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time. Hope. The tenderness and severe ache which interfered with my everyday life was starting to subside after a very short time.  Not only did my visits help  with my reason for visiting Nancy it also helped tremendously with stress relief during a much needed time in my life.  My visits to Nancy became my Best Friend.  The techniques, advice and guidance she gave me has cured my neck issues, something of which I thought I was going to have to put up with for the rest of my life.

 I have since recommended Nancy to  my mother and  Aunty and their outcome like mine has been amazing. 

 Thank you Nancy Waye for sharing your knowledge and professional conduct with us, also for your sincerity to help others in itself is a God send.  God Bless you Always!


I’ve been visiting Nancy when I was working as a case manager at a domestic violence service. I was suffering bad headaches, neck and shoulder pains. My blood pressure was also getting high. I also had difficulty sleeping. Nancy’s massage sessions help me a lot. I then recommended her to some of my workmates and friends and they all gave me inspiring feedback.

I’m now 70 years old and retired. One day I did weeding in my garden and when I got up, I almost fell. I suffered terrible pain from my hips down to my knees. I have to hold on to the fence and walls to get inside the house. I got frightened and panicked I fell on the couch and try to collect myself. After an hour, I came to my senses and managed to ring Nancy, she accommodated me and I came to her in my gardening clothes and dirty shoes. I could not manage to change because of the pain. Nancy has to help me take off my shoes, socks, jumper and jeans. She supported me to lay on her massage table. She applied pressure on my back, hips and foot for less than 30 minutes. Afterwards I was able to get up on my own without pain and put on my clothes, socks and shoes without assistance. I walked out of her clinic as if nothing had happened to me. What a magic!

I had been suffering with pain in my left arm, neck and back for 10 Years due to an old collarbone injury.

Nancy performed Reflexology, Muscle-Tension-Reset and acupressure on me which after only one treatment eased the pain I had been experiencing in my left shoulder greatly, from a 7/10 prior to treatment to a manageable 2/10 as of  immediately afterwards.

I am extremely happy with the treatment provided by Nancy and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone suffering similarly with discomfort and pain. Thanks heaps, Nancy!

I had suffered on and off for 10 Years with tense headaches in the base of my skull and top of my neck.

By the end of the treatment, my headache had vanished! It hasn’t come back, either! I am very satisfied with Nancy’s treatment and whatever she did to me!

      Alison W.




Joan D. Adelaide

Gabi P.

St Agnes

  Tel 0408 600 662

ABN: 56382343810

Lisa V.


My name is Rocco,

I am 18 and I am very physically active in a variety of sports.

Diet & muscle composition is very important to me. I found Nancy to be very interested & caring in the areas of concern to me. Once addressing these areas, pain & discomfort disappeared. I was extremely happy with Nancy's expertise in muscle tension reset, remedial massage & her customer service approach.  (Rocco C. Adelaide)

I was suffering from what my GP called ‘Raw Shoulder’...I had no relief from the pain or symptoms from any medicine my GP prescribed, so I sought out Nancy to help me and so she did!

Before the treatment I could hardly use my left arm at all and my neck was ‘frozen’. During Nancy’s treatment I felt the pain reducing and by the end it was less than half of what it was before! I booked for a follow-up treatment for a week later, but during the next 48 hours, I recovered to almost 100%! I felt so good that I have not had to go back since!

I know who I will be going to for further health advice and treatment, Nancy is an Angel!

Nancy is a highly skilled and gifted reflexology and massage therapist. I’ve been a client since November 2010 and have always received first-class treatment in a caring and very supportive manner.

Nancy has created a very nurturing environment for clients and she always asks me what I feel I need when I arrive. I’ve received benefit from relaxation massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and other treatments where Nancy has prepared specific products for my healing

Nancy respects me and my knowledge of my body and how I’m feeling and together we work out the most suitable solution for my health issue at the time.

It’s really fascinating that even when I don’t believe I have any specific thing that needs attention, in only a few moments Nancy has identified blockages in my energy flow and released them. Her exceptional level of intuition in connecting with me and my body is a very special gift that she willingly shares.

After receiving treatment from Nancy, I found a real improvement in all areas of my body and my mental alertness. Following a car accident, I required treatment and my shoulder, neck and back flexibility improved immensely thanks to Nancy’s gentle and targeted treatment program.

The characteristic I appreciated most about Nancy during all sessions with her was her genuine care for me and helping solving my health challenges. I also appreciate her on-going learning so that she is able to provide the latest and most suitable treatment options for me and other clients.

I feel blessed to have Nancy on my wellness team and highly recommend her to everyone who is ready to enjoy improved health and wellness.

(Gabi P St Agnes)